Note: I am not a doctor, nutritionist, or dietitian. I do, however, adhere to a healthful lifestyle that includes eating right and maintaining a daily habit of exercising.

I think that the way I approach healthy living – the way I eat, exercise – the way I LIVE should be emulated by all who want to live a bountiful life. This is especially important for those with type 2 diabetes but should be followed by everyone who wants to enjoy healthier living standards.

I believe that conventional medicine, although good for certain things such as trauma, is way lacking in treating the whole person.

Ultimately, your health is your responsibility. It is not up to your mother, your father, your doctor, your spouse, or anyone else to take care of you.

Conventional medicine treats the symptoms of illnesses and not the root causes. Until this change takes place YOU must take charge of your health.

I have lost close family members and friends to various health issues, including diabetes, because they neglected their health. I am also seeing the ravishing effects it’s having on other members of my immediate family.

I am trying to stay one step ahead of any health issues by practicing what I preach.

All the information presented is from my research and personal experiences. It’s important to learn what works for you and not assume that everything I do is best for you.

Please follow my instructions at your own risk, and if you are uncomfortable or have questions about using any of the techniques or products I recommend, consult with a professional.

OGL Marketing and its owner is not responsible for your health issues as a result of using the principles I practice. Use it at your own risk.

Consult with your physician or healthcare provider before you undertake any physical activity or changes in your eating habits.

I have NO formal medical training of any kind.